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Skype: guiders


Amsterdam, 1966
18 years in Mallorcan film industry.

here´s a map that shows the location of my warehouse / propshop in Palma.
here´s a link to my written CV in PDF format (June 2012).

I work with (A-Z):

Academy, Acne, Another PC, AOI, Andersfilm, Atmosfär, Azimut, Barefilms, BBC, Bikini, Blink, Bollywood, BSL, Cobrafilm, COY, DDB, DowntownReel, Freshfilms, FLX, Gangfilms, Garlic, Grundy UFA, Grilli, Grey WW, GreatGuns, Indiofilms, Industry, JWT, Konstantin Film, Leefilms, Les Producers, Magaly, Markenfilms, Mekano, Millyfilms, Milkyway, MJZ, Moland, Moviebar, Muller & Seelig FP, NetworkMovies, Nose, Octobre, Outsider, Palma Pictures, Partisan, Pathfinder, Patricia Murphy, Prod. Int., PSB, Pumpkin, Psycho, Quad, Rattlingstick, Rita films, Shortfilms, Skogfilm, Sonny, Tesauro, Telecreateurs, Traktor, Wanda, Why Us, Zieglerfilm, Zoomfilms, 25 FPS, 2AM.